"The class is over, and the person who's leaving us today is you. You have the energy of a bullet, but the lightness of a depressed elephant. Pack your trunk!" ― Merante

Louis Mérante is a ballet master and world-famous choreographer at the Paris Opera Ballet. He is the teacher of a class of highly talented young ballerinas, potentially picking out one of the girls to become Clara in the Nutcracker. He is voiced by Terence Scammel.


Mérante is a handsome, slender man with a formal demeanor and appearance. He has black hair and goatee, brown hair, and light skin.

He wears a white shirt underneath a red vest with golden-colored buttons and lining, a red neck-tie, dark-gray jacket, black pants, and dressed shoes. He carries around a cane that he uses to point or swing it around.

In his gem form, he wears a sky blue top,short yellow leggings and pink flats.Last but not least,he carries a spear in his hand.


Mérante has a courteous, gentleman manner as he acts polite and chivalrous. As a teacher, he is extremely strict, stern, and firm. He gives out harsh criticism as shown with each girl he dismisses from the class. However, he shares advice and gives out praises to those deserving of it. After Félicie's lie is discovered instead of expelling her, he admired her bravery, hard-work, and dedication despite lying and stealing.

While appearing cold and abrasive, Mérante shares a soft spot to Odette. He is shown to compliment her teaching ability, warmly gazing at her sweeping, and tells that she was one of the best dancers in her generation.


A famous danseur renowned for his choreography and dancing, he is the Maître de Ballet of the Paris Opera.


  • He is based on the real, Louis Mérante who was the Maître de Ballet (First Balletmaster/Chief Choreographers) of the Paris Opera Ba before it was burned down in 1873. However, the character is much younger in the movie which takes place in the 1880s where he should appear in his mid-late 50s.
  • According to Nora and Dora, he performed the most fouettes ever in a single solo with 187 in total before he vomited.
  • He is a vegetarian.
  • His gem form is pearl.


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Ballerina Leap Wiki has a collection of images and media related to Louis Merante.